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Rocky Cape Local Area

The edge of the world is a land of things to do and see. at the edge of the world, you’ll contemplate days from a distant past and let your senses savour the present. You can climb an extinct volcano, set foot on ancient shores, meet amazing animals. Widen your horizons on a wilderness beach and breathe the world’s freshest air in an ancient rainforest. Here is a taste of the local area attractions.

The Tarkine

Nestled in the North-West corner of Tasmania, Australia’s island state is the greatest expanse of temperate rainforest, the Tarkine is an intriguing experience. Not only is it home to the largest temperate rainforest in Australia but is alive with unique creatures and habitats not found anywhere else.

It contains some of the world’s wildest coastline, and hence experiences exhilarating weather and the cleanest air in the world.  The Tarkine Forest Reserve is a huge area of temperate rainforest, sand dunes and coastal heathland.  It is a wilderness area that includes some of the best agricultural, oyster and honey crops, which are part of the tasting trail, as well as the Cape Grim wind farm.


At the Nut you will find a walking track climbing to the summit, alternatively you can take the chairlift, which offers spectacular views of beaches and over the township of Stanley.  Here you will find everything from fine dining, the freshest of local seafood to a relaxing coffee and icecream on the streets of the historic fishing village.  Also there is the Historic Site of Highfield House and the Eco Seal Cruise to investigate.

The Rocky Cape National Park

A 10 minute drive from the cottage gate, will bring you into the Rocky Cape National Park.  The walking tracks are family friendly, as well as the Postman’s Track, which is the old horse trail, to Sisters Beach which can take up to 3-4 hours.  All give you dramatic views of the coastline, part of the shipwreck coast, as well as hidden beaches, rock pools and native coastal vegetation.  Aboriginal heritage is an important feature of the park.  Picnic and rest areas allow time to be spent enjoying the coastline.
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